Eric Mayer Supports Bowles-Simpson

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Apr 18, 2012 Comments Off

On Tuesday April 17th Senator Kent Conrad (D-ND), chair of the Senate Budget Committee brought the Bowles-Simpson plan to the table as a framework for a long term budget fix. See CNN-Money’s Report and the statement by The Committee For A Responsible Federal Budget.

Eric Mayer released this statement.

As a candidate for Missouri’s 3rd Congressional District,I support Senator Kent Conrad’s proposal to put forth the Bowles-Simpson plan as a starting point in the negations on a long term debt reduction plan.Bowles-Simpson plan reduces federal spending equitable and addresses the need for tax reform.I challenge my opponent Rep.Blaine Luketmeyer to support negations on the Bowles-Simpson plan in a bipartisan basis for the good of all American’s future.

Eric Mayer,Congressional Candidate For Missouri’s U.S 3rd District.